Scul hazzards last few bucks

The evening draws nearer. I dare not venture outside this time, as I’m keen to drink in the cherry cola sweetness of Lunchbox . Even as I sidle up to the front, though, my thoughts drift further ahead – and, as I’ve done reflexively all afternoon, I find myself casting my eyes around the growing crowd, trying to spot the tall, unreasonably handsome man I’d glimpsed last night. Lunchbox didn’t disappoint, mind. Timothy Brown impresses us with his gracious and affluent manner – he apologizes for the band’s late arrival, as their keyboardist Evelyn Davis had cut her hand and had to be retrieved from the emergency room. (And thus, she dangles from her hip the damaged hand in its blue cast, which I’d barely registered until that moment.) “She’s a trooper,” Timothy says, and we cheer our approval. “The show must go on, like Ethel Merman, and other historical figures of the stage and screen.” Thank goodness, as her carnival-esque keys are the cotton candy essence of Lunchbox’s sweet sweet throwback jangle.

Another thing I’m reminded of was seeing Florence & The Machine a couple times last year. I’m not a big fan or anything but found her performances incredibly impressive and you couldn’t argue with the headline spots she’d been given at Laneway and Splendour. And I was doing the same sort of thought process for female-fronted bands but could only come up with “And Australia’s got Little Birdy”.

 · RIP Scul Hazzards . I spend far more time than is necessarily healthy thinking about the Brisbane music…

Scul Hazzards Last Few BucksScul Hazzards Last Few Bucks