Killer bear - killer bear

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They generally prefer to forage for wild foods away from people but are almost as quick as chipmunks to seek food in campsites and garbage cans when wild nut and berry crops fail. They rarely attack people. Campground bears and roadside panhandlers may nip or cuff people that crowd around them, try to pet them, or tease them with food. But the injuries, if any, are usually slight, only occasionally requiring stitches.

Kodiak Island offers some of the best bear viewing
in Alaska, and it is the only place in the world where you can watch the famous Kodiak bear in its natural habitat. At Munsey's Bear Camp, we offer fully-guided-bear-viewing trips on the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge with one of the most experienced bear guides in Alaska, while also providing you the luxury of staying at a comfortable lodge. Experience the once-in-a-lifetime thrill of watching and photographing these magnificent bears chase salmon and interact with each other in their natural environment.

Killer Bear - Killer BearKiller Bear - Killer BearKiller Bear - Killer BearKiller Bear - Killer Bear